Preventing huge spend on “free” apps

It is possible to rack up a huge bill by agreeing to “In App Purchases” on tablets and iPhones etc if you don’t have the necessary restrictions in place. A 5 year old boy recently spent over £1700 on his Dad’s iPad on what was purportedly a “free” game. It can happen very quickly, and the first you’ll know about it is a bunch of emails with bills attached.

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These apps are called “freemium” as they are free to purchase, but the premium kicks in with what’s known as “In App Purchases” which can all add up very quickly.

Get to know the settings on your devices to protect you from hip pocket nerve hyperstimulation.


Recommended apps for android

My last post about apps covered iPhone and iOS,

and I can claim some working (and acquired) knowledge about these apples.


But android is a mystery to me, as I’ve never owned one of these phones,

and no-one I know does for me to have a play with and learn.


So when @MrPennski tweeted that he has a little list,

I offered to put it here for our future reference.


If I have personal experience with the app (on iOS), I’ve rated it on a scale:-


PP = use

PPP = love


Over to @MrPennski:-


Android Apps: Ones listed as iOS may not be on Android Marketplace, so check first.

Here’s the list (with my pScores as applicable):-


Dropbox                            PPP
Evernote                              PPP
Waze                                    PPP
eBay                                     PP
Foursquare                         PP
Pinball HD iOS
Find Me TV iOS
IMDB                                   PP
Zeebox iOS
TV Catchup iOS                 PPP
Love film                            PPP
iPlayer                                 PPP
Skype                                  PPP
Nearest Tube iOS
Splashtop iOS
UK Roads iOS
3G Watchdog
Android Booster Free
History Eraser
Camera 360                      PPP
GO Launcher EX
Launcher Pro
Launcher 7
Appy Geek
Google Goggles
Gun Bro’s
NFS Hot Pursuit
FPse for Android 
Awesome Facts
Vlingo                                 P
Tasker £3.99
Viber                                    PP
Dolphin Browser HD
Lookout Security & Antivirus
RoidRage £1.30
App Protector Pro £0.94
Antivirus Free
GO TwiWidget
Wifi Finder
Astro Filemanager
Train Tickets
GO Taskmanager Widget
Pulse News

And an addition from me:-

CamerAlert by @pocketgpsworld – free and brilliant                            PPPPPP(!)



from zdnet

BTW if you knew the Aussie definition of the word “root”,

you might stop wanting to root your phone.