Steps for installation of iOS 6 on iP4

Sync & backup. Repeat (just in case).

Update software.

Watch in horror as iPhone goes to recovery mode.Select restore.




Panic a bit more.

Restart PC.

Plug in iPhone again.

Restore again.

Wait an hour. Sigh.

Just like last time then.


Vonage Roaming Trial – an open letter to @Vonage

Hi Vonage,

You might be missing a trick here. Like many other people, I get lousy mobile phone reception indoors at home.1-2 bars out of 5. Sometimes 2G sometimes 3G. Variable. Unpredictable. Not good enough.

On Vonage Roaming Wifi my signal strength for incoming calls is 5 bars 5G(!). True HD call quality.

I think on this point alone you could win lots of new customers.

“Have you got lousy mobile/cellphone reception at home?
Have you got wifi?
Wanna know The #Win?”

You’re welcome.