Password theft

There’s some breaches going on. Email addresses and passwords are being stolen from websites in such numbers that it’s become more and mre necessary to consciously protect your personal information.

Two ways to do that are

1. Write down all your passwords in a Little Black Book and keep it in a drawer somewhere. Not recommended!

2. Use a password manager that generates passwords like “X{5TKu+1pweEymByPxCT” and keep them ultrasecure hidden behind one master password such as “LittleBlackBook” (no don’t use that one REALLY don’t use that!). This way you only have to remember one password to get access to all your secure passwords. Recommended.

If you’re worried about getting your details stolen, you can sign up to be notified with a website called where you’ll get an email notification if (when?) your details get taken by someone with evil intent.

I use and recommend 1Password by AgileBits, but LastPass is also good. Both are better than the little black book.

I’ve been pwned (had my details stolen) at least five times, in the Adobe (153m) DaniWeb (1.1m) Exploit.In (593m) River City Media Spam List (593m) tumblr (165m). The numbers of breaches are huge aren’t they? By the way, this is for only one of my email addresses. How many email addresses do you have that might be at risk? can tell you. The website’s notifications also include advice as to how to protect yourself from further damage (change password, disconnect apps, activate 2FA etc).

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