Dear Mr, You have inherited $17.7million USD. Just phone or email.

I’m used to getting spam emails, but this was a letter. Plain envelope, no return address, correctly addressed to me at my company address.

I’ve scanned a copy for reference. Note the not-quite-vertical format, suggesting it’s a scan. A scan of a scam ….. badumtish.

Contact details are

[for the sake of stating the bleeding obvious, please do not send an email to this address]

Tel +852-8197-4465

       852 8197 4465


I think I might give him (or her?) a call about 04:30 local time. All excited.

The fact that these letters keep coming means that people are still getting sucked in. Which in turn means we need to put the details out there so that if anyone googles that email address or phone number they get this post. Part of our civic duty, as @TroyHunt would say.