Corporate email – good or bad?

Please be aware, in line with corporate policy,

all <CompanyName> email addresses are to be

departmentalised. will cease

to accept incoming emails from 1st September 2011.

Please address all future emails to


I received this email today. It got me thinking – is the customer or contact who sends an email to a faceless, depersonalised email address going to get better service? Are they going to have a better perception of the human side of this company? Or is it all about response? What’s the benefit to the customer? From whom will the reply come?


If you were Joe, and they changed your email address, would you feel more or less valued as an employee?


Does it add to or detract from the company brand?


I’m really not sure if it’s a good thing or not – but I can see the potential for confusion in the mind of the customer – what do you think?