iPhone 3GS to iPhone 4 migration

I’m getting a new iPhone 4 today and so I asked twitter for some help this morning and was inundated by useful tips from @jcturner and @jsamuelson

Other tweeps may have similar questions hence posting.


-> Got an iPhone question – might need to wander over to Mac4Mac.co.uk for some answers. Easy to get the contents settings etc from 3GS to 4?

Yes, you will get the option when you start using the new iPhone

Piece of cake. Just restore your backup on to the 4. iTunes will ask you. Just make sure you have a fresh backup of the 3GS.

Just make sure that the new iPhone is named something different for the mo – so iTunes doesn’t overwrite your old backup.

Once you are happy everything came across OK you can delete the old backups to save a bit of space.

Got your microSIM? You will probably need it to activate the iPhone before being able even to get that far…

Then a further backup under the new name! Can’t have too many backups…

Mac is Users/Name/Library/ApplicationSupport/MobileSync/Backup. Cryptic folder names though…

Google reveals that windows is (vista here) C:UsersUSERNAMEAppDataRoamingApple ComputerMobileSyncBackup


I looked there and found < 1GB of files (7000+ files though!) so decided to leave well enough alone.


When the microSIM and iPhone arrive today, I’ll follow this advice and hopefully be up and running by this evening.


Learning point – when you chat about iPhones on your twitter, spam follows and mentions are rampant.