NFC errors

For quite a while I’ve had concerns about the security of my personal details on NFC enabled bank cards, to the point that I carry my Barclays card in a RFID wallet. @Alien8 confirms that the infosec community is well aware of the potential risks, but mainstream consumers are not.

Tweet today from @FraserSpiers confirms the issues that exist, so I’m starting a little list which I’ll be presenting to my business banking manager.

Contactless ‘charging errors’ at M&S

Card errors


Getting rid oF CAPS LOCK ErroRS

I’m a lousy typist. I use two fingers sometimes three, and both thumbs. Often I accidentALLY KNOCK THE CAPS LOCK KEY WHEN I TYPE AN “A” and then I because I don’t touch type, I don’t realise until I reach the end of the sentence and look up. Then I curse, and backspace delete and retype.

Today I thought “I wonder if I can disable the CapsLock key?” after I found that particular function exists on my aftermarket Logitech keyboard on the house PC (which has SetPoint software that enables easy turning off of the Caps Lock key). I wanted to not have CapsLock on my main work laptop which I use most often.

Googled it and got which allows you to download a set of registry hacks. I executed the “KillCapsLock” one after downloading them all (and storing all in DropBox for later reference).

Rebooted and restarted. And blow me down – it works! Ace. Now I haVE TO USE THE SHIFT KEY TO TYPE STUPIDLY. Much better.

BFF’s BT Yahoo email hacked

Email HackedMy best mate’s wife sent me an email this morning. From The Philippines. Interesting since I spoke to her only yesterday. She hasn’t gone anywhere!
In fact this is a phishing scam. Common on the internets. Treatment should always be “Ignore Delete”. But – I added a step – I phoned a friend. The owner of the email was very upset. She’d logged on to find her emails ALL GONE.
No folders, no inbox, nothing from three years.

First aid measures applied – password changed instantly to one that’s not used elsewhere. Now she’s contacting her ISP to find out if the emails can be recovered (I don’t hold much hope). Next thing we’ll do is get her a new email address, and institute a backup plan such as AutoForward to a gmail address.

I’ll get her to read this post from a few months back which outlines all the steps to undertake if you’ve been hacked, and some advice for prevention.

Don’t ask when you’ll get hacked. Plan for when you’ll get hacked (not if!!) and should you need any help, phone a friend *waves

Data abroad

Our holiday to Europe last year, with many connected devices present, was spoilt somewhat by lack of internets, firstly caused by Three UK failing to unlock my device in the promised timeframe, secondly by the hunting of SIMs that could give data (then replacing them!) and thirdly by public wifi (eg German McDonalds) not allowing foreign devices. Yes, I couldn’t believe that either. But twas true. So this year, I’m starting the solution hunt early.


First knock was on the twitter door of @BenSmithUK of – here’s  our convo with TruPhone and MaxRoam getting mentions.

Best recommendations? Have an unlocked device for abroad. Buy SIMs before leaving.

Thanks Ben.