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Twitter +/- email accounts hacked – what to do

A collection of links which will hopefully help:-

from @tweetsmarter If affected by a bad app, revoke it at AND change your password



by Origami_Potato on Flickr

from the Leo Notenboom newsletter

from @SuButcher

(1) Twitter has a very useful help page about problems with phishing and hacking. A good place to start is here: Safety: Keeping your account secure.

(2) http://www.justprofessionals.net/2010/02/how-to-beat-the-twitter-phishing-scam-faq/

btw all of the above are my recommended follows 🙂



Recommended Apps for iPhone

Our good friends bought His’n’Her iPhone 4S’s – subsequently my kind Twitter followers helped me out with a list of recommended apps, so worth saving and posting:-

DropBox    Tweetbot    Pulse    BBC News    Camera+    Instagram    Instapaper

BBC iPlayer      TV Catchup    Weather HD    CamerAlert   Skype    TomTom*   

Times    Telegraph    Angry Birds      1Password     iBooks     Convertbot    

Pages     Google Translate     Instapaper     Stocktouch     TuneIn Radio   

Train Times     Yell     Starwalk      Space Walk     Words With Friends

Chambers Dictionary     Rogers Mushrooms     Twitter     Siege     Blends

Tweetlist Pro      Pocket Universe     Everyday     Looper     Word Lens 

Zite    iCatcher     Instacast


.….and these are mine……..

Radio Alarm    Pocket God    National Trust    SatNav 2 (or Skobbler) FREE

Tube Status      Bus Checker     DataMan     SpeedTest     360 (camera)    

Pro HDR      SnapSeed     Bump     Files2    

Open Access (works with “Zovo” for PC/Mac)     PlaneFinder     ECB Cricket (!)    

BikeHub     Treasures (British Library)     FlightControl      F-Sim Shuttle      

Star Wars Arcade: Falcon Runner     Egg Mania     FlipBoard

.….and these are my nephew’s recommendations – he’s thirteen ……..

Bike Baron     Cliff Diver     Cartoon Wars 2     Scribbelnauts     Fifa 12

Fruit Ninja      COM Zombies     Pocket Tanks Deluxe     Shopping Cart Hero

Smurfs Village     Cut The Rope     Reckless Getaway

777 Poker     Kick The Buddy

….and these recent additions to the suite…..

Temple Run       Dambusters     UK Postage


with my thanks (and recommended follows #FF)  to @DarrenGriffin @BarSteward @JSamuelson @Farctum and of course my nephew JS


*pricey but definitely worth it imo