QBright iOS app wrecked by new update

The recently updated excellent little iOS app that goes by the name of Qbright is now “under new management” and all the new reviews are saying that it’s been ruined by the latest update, and turned into an ad platform. It’s a paid app!! My findings are the same. I believe the old version was much better (yes, the new control panel in iOS7 is good for quick adjustment of brightness, but it’s three taps to get the effect that Qbright can give in one). There is lots of advice in the reviews to avoid the update – I concur.


Thankfully I have a backup copy http://bit.ly/190BYZK #Qbright

Here’s a YouTube that explains (in Spanish) in a very straightforward way how to work the older version of the app


Adobe, Microsoft and Apple up before tough tax enquiry in Australia

According to Troy Hunt, Adobe Apple and Microsoft are up before an Australian Tax Enquiry looking at price-gouging practices down under. A very interesting post, especially when you look at what companies like Starbucks, Amazon and Google are getting pasted for in the UK.

Article on Gizmodo here     Image