QBright iOS app wrecked by new update

The recently updated excellent little iOS app that goes by the name of Qbright is now “under new management” and all the new reviews are saying that it’s been ruined by the latest update, and turned into an ad platform. It’s a paid app!! My findings are the same. I believe the old version was much better (yes, the new control panel in iOS7 is good for quick adjustment of brightness, but it’s three taps to get the effect that Qbright can give in one). There is lots of advice in the reviews to avoid the update – I concur.


Thankfully I have a backup copy http://bit.ly/190BYZK #Qbright

Here’s a YouTube that explains (in Spanish) in a very straightforward way how to work the older version of the app


Preventing huge spend on “free” apps

It is possible to rack up a huge bill by agreeing to “In App Purchases” on tablets and iPhones etc if you don’t have the necessary restrictions in place. A 5 year old boy recently spent over £1700 on his Dad’s iPad on what was purportedly a “free” game. It can happen very quickly, and the first you’ll know about it is a bunch of emails with bills attached.

money bags cash transportation

These apps are called “freemium” as they are free to purchase, but the premium kicks in with what’s known as “In App Purchases” which can all add up very quickly.

Get to know the settings on your devices to protect you from hip pocket nerve hyperstimulation.

Jaunter Creek ICT – helping you, helping your gadgets

I’ve spent so much time fixing my own and other people’s PCs and gadgets in the last few years, and reading and writing about it, that I’m now offering my help to others who might be in the same situation as I was some years back – keen to get the devices working without huge expense or the hassle of taking them in to a shop for adjustments or repairs.

Got a new smart phone and want some help setting it up? Want to set up your parents or neighbours on the internet but don’t know where to start? Need to make your home network more secure and less likely to expose your children to risks on the web? Got a new computer or printer that needs setting up? Don’t know where to start setting up your wifi? Got a complicated online form such as a visa that looks ‘too hard’ to do by yourself? Need to setup a password manager to keep your personal info secure?


I can help. I’m able to visit daytime or evenings to suit, by appointment. With you watching and learning as we go.

Bushey WD23 is my base and I can travel to you. No call out fees. Just one simple (and great value!) charge per visit. I’m DBS/CRB checked. I can make things easy to understand. I can help.

By the way, have you got a backup plan in place? What happens to your data if your computer crashes? If you haven’t, I’ll help you get that sorted. Yes, it’s important.

Call or text for advice or to book a visit, or view the current pricelist. A non-exhaustive list of services & jobs is here. Call or text anytime to discuss.

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