How to improve the CS of @VirginMedia – one suggestion

Dear Virgin Media,

When a customer contacts you asking if you can fix their internet as being offline is quite inconvenient*,

and you inform the customer that you’re sending a technician to fix the problem which is in the local area,

and that the technician will be sent “within a day”, would you understand that the customer might get a little bit perturbed and upset that they do not feel fully informed of how long the repair will take, whilst understanding that you couldn’t give a precise time that you could be held accountable for later?


And then when you’ve fixed it, many hours later, wouldn’t it be just terrific if you could contact that customer (and all the others affected) to let them know that a router reset will now resume the online status?

How to contact that customer? Well, let me give you a hint.

You’ve got my phone number, since you provide my phone line. My email address is also provided by you so you could drop me an email. Heck, I’ve even registered my mobile phone number with me so you could text me.

Why not arrange it so that every customer in an outage area gets an email when service is resumed (we can pick up emails nowadays on mobile devices you know) or automated phonecall or text.

Anything to say “We’ve fixed it, now carry on”

Why didn’t you call?


*this is a gross understatement – a home office day was ruined.

UPDATE 7th Feb 2012 – intermittent internet has been occurring here for 5-6 days, with Virgin Media stating in a CS phonecall that work is expected to be completed by Feb 7th. At 8am today we had an automated phonecall to say that all should be back to normal by now.

Kudos Virgin Media. For listening. Keep it up.