Middle Aged Texting Codes


ATD at the doctor

BFF best friend fell

BTW bring the wheelchair

BYOT bring your own teeth

FWIW forgot where I was

GGPBL gotta go pacemaker battery low

GHA got heartburn again

IMHO is my hearingaid on?

LMDO laughing my dentures out

OMMR on my massage recliner

ROFLACGU rolling on floor laughing and can’t get up

TTYL talk to you louder! 


Facebook safety settings – useful links (work in progress)

As a parent and (relatively) inexperienced Facebooker, I want to be 100% aware of how to best protect my children on Facebook, yet allow maximum possible enjoyment and experience. Hence I’m starting this page as a collection of links – got any suggested additions? They’d be appreciated.

NB these are just links. My acknowledgements to the original articles.


The Definitive Facebook Lockdown Guide | ZDNet


Top 5 things parents need to do to protect a child


Tools that monitor your child on Facebook


Facebook – best practices


Facebook and Twitter – safety and security


Facebook – not follow now


Tweeting Teens ¦ Guardian


Facebook Privacy Dilemma – is it the thin end of the wedge?


7 Things Facebook Should Do To Increase Security ¦ comments blog

Ask Leo – Facebook Settings