London apps for iOS

Here’s a useful set of apps for iOS suitable for use when visiting London Village.


The Underground is easy to use, well mapped, and exceedingly well apped. Many more apps are available than this short list.

Tube Deluxe £0.69

Tube Map Pro £0.69 there is a free version available, but notifications of line closures and delays makes this one top value.

TubeWalker £0.00 combines walking, tubing and sightseeing (recommended by Gary Smith)


An Oyster Card is best for jumping on and off buses – cashless swipes and easy to topup

Bus Checker £1.99

Absolutely worth every penny if you bus a lot. Shows bus stops in locales, next bus arrival in real time, and pings you when your stop is approaching.

Bus Mapper £0.00 not used this myself, but it popped up in a search, and it’s well rated, and it has live info.


Most international travellers arrive in London by air, so knowing flight arrival and departure times and location of shops at the airport is very handy

Heathrow £0.00

Gatwick £0.00

Stansted £0.00


If you have mobile network on your iPad or iPhone then offline maps may not be needed, although wifi hotspots are plentiful in London.

CityMaps2Go £1.99 offline mapping for bandwidth free wandering (recommended by @CliveAndrews )

Connected apps include

CityMapper £0.00 not only for maps, but TfL trip planning as well, including all modes of public transport. Very good for route planning. Network needed.


XE Currency £0.00 Avoid rip-offs at the plentiful exchange bureaux by knowing the listed rates of the day in your own currency


Hailo £0.00 Taxis are the most point to point means of public transport in London, especially when luggage is added, and the knowledge of the drivers is world renowned.

This app gets the cabbie to come right to you (thanks to Richard Cudlip for recommendation)


Boris Bikes £0.00 since these cheap numerous rentable bikes appeared in London, usage for short trips has taken off. There’s not many hills, and getting around by bike is very enjoyable. And helmets are not compulsory!! NB The wind may ruin your hairdo. Carry a brush.


The Cloud £0.00 This provider is very common in London. This app includes a profile that you can install so that the device will login automatically whenever you’re in range. No pesky repeated logins. A map shows nearest locations (network needed for this function).


When you’re travelling with iOS, you’ll be logging in and entering email details a lot to maintain accounts and connectivity. Consider having a gmail (or similar) set up right on your phone or iPad so you can pick-up the necessary “confirm your account – click here” emails. Maybe even use a junk one that you can ignore and discard when you get home, to avoid getting all the follow up spams. The Gmail app is very good and easy to activate.

Twitter is a great way of getting travel tips, alerts and advice. Here’s some recommended follows





What apps would you recommend if your mate was London bound?


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