Getting rid oF CAPS LOCK ErroRS

I’m a lousy typist. I use two fingers sometimes three, and both thumbs. Often I accidentALLY KNOCK THE CAPS LOCK KEY WHEN I TYPE AN “A” and then I because I don’t touch type, I don’t realise until I reach the end of the sentence and look up. Then I curse, and backspace delete and retype.

Today I thought “I wonder if I can disable the CapsLock key?” after I found that particular function exists on my aftermarket Logitech keyboard on the house PC (which has SetPoint software that enables easy turning off of the Caps Lock key). I wanted to not have CapsLock on my main work laptop which I use most often.

Googled it and got which allows you to download a set of registry hacks. I executed the “KillCapsLock” one after downloading them all (and storing all in DropBox for later reference).

Rebooted and restarted. And blow me down – it works! Ace. Now I haVE TO USE THE SHIFT KEY TO TYPE STUPIDLY. Much better.


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