“Sorry can you repeat that?”

Regents Park taken on iPhone by @PedroStephano on Flickr

“Sorry can you repeat that?” is the most often used phrase in mobile phonecalls today*  but there is a better way. Access to wifi means you can make calls via apps that use the internet for calls. Here are my favourites:-

Skype – this multi platform app can be used on phone or computer, and does audio calls, video calls and texts (instant messages). Integration with Facebook is a feature so you can easily import all your contacts. Get it from iOS app store or Google Play app store or Skype website (PC Mac Linux)

Vonage – this Canadian VoIP company does home phones, business phones and mobile apps all over the internet. Their home phone is seriously good, while the app offers audio calls and texts, and has recently added video calls (which I haven’t tested yet – mental note done) grab it for iOS or Google Play or check out their website

VIBER – does all of the usuals – audio calls and texts (but no video). Main claim to fame is that it’s free and available in many countries worldwide so saims to compete with the dominant WhatsApp for texting abroad. The app imports your contacts then checks to see if they are on Viber, and also pings you if they join. You can have it for iOS or Google Play or check the Viber website for more platforms and options.

Judging? I use Skype most because it’s most familiar, and like Vonage most for reception, call quality and user interface. Viber comes a respectable third and is worthwhile having purely as an alternative. But this is just three – I’m sure there are more. Suggest your favourite below.

*citation needed


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