I am risen! A return to blogging and my Tour

Great to hear! Cheers from here 🙂

Charon QC

Over the last three months I have been rather ill – an understatement.  It was a close run thing.  I shall leave it at that – but thank you for your kind emails and tweets.

I return to blogging and my Tour – initially, with some profiles and podcasts remotely done over skype, but back on the road in the Jag Rouge soon.

I get a lot of support from law firms and others for my tour – so I try to ensure supporters get something back – hence the many recent guest posts. I am grateful for the support for the project  – not being a rich man!

On this day when Mrs Thatcher dies – I leave you with two tweets I put up before the news broke to leaven the rather unpleasant tweets I have seen on my timeline today.

TWILDEBEEST n. Tweeter armed with pitchfork, flaming…

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