Migration from Posterous to WordPress

Learned a few things while assisting a Posterous to WordPress migration for TwoCubedConsulting earlier this evening


  1. When opening your wordpress account, the first blogname you choose becomes the “parent” for all other “daughter” blogs that you may consequently add. Thus choose carefully which username and email you use for this. But it can be changed later in Profiles should you so require, if your first choice needs amendment later.
  2. Some widgets take up a lot of space in their columns, and thus the ones you want at the top might actually be a long way down after the wrap. Look around, and adjust.
  3. Varying the themes varies the location of the widgets. If you’re unhappy with the placement of the widgets, just look for a theme which meets your aesthetic requirements.
  4. “Links” can either be to other WP pages, or externals, depending on how you set the hyperlinks. But they’ll all look like links.
  5. At eleven pm at night, WordPress is  r e a l l y   s l o w. Must be everyone on it
  6. Many themes are “not quite right” i.e. you’ll like the initial look, but after playing a bit you may find they need changing. Do so. Changing themes is quick and easy, and preview means you can do a quick look before saving.
  7. Centre pictures (or align) easily by just using the Imagebuttons. Much better than Posterous which did not allow justification of pictures.

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