Virgin emails are free therefore you can’t claim compensation if they go awry

On twitter I’m having a conversation with @virginmedia to find out how to claim compensation when their emails don’t work.

This (long I know) forum shows that the troubles have been persistent since 15th October (yes October) and no solution is yet in site. My post there is number 139.

Thus I had to make an executive decision and purchase POP email from my domain supplier, so as to be able to send and receive (reliably) my emails.

I have *not* been able to do so for nearly three weeks(!). This cost me £30.

Their response – “@PedroStephano How can you but(sic) a price on an email that we provide free as part of your broadband service?”

In my opinion this is a copout. Does anyone know if I have rights in consumer law for their service to work, even though it is “free” according to them?

NB I pay £45 for my broadband per month. I pay enough to deserve more I think.


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